We Are A Merchandise CLothing Social Media Company We Sell Clothing For Our Sponsor ItsRyan25 Because We Are His New Sponsorship We Sponsor His Instagram And What Its All About And How It Goes

Shipping Process

All of Our Merchandise That is purchase the payment will always take up to 3-5 days to process the shipping fee.


We Are Currently Working On A Sponsorship Program But Our Merchandise Shop is Completely Open, and you can get the merch by clicking here

Our Goal

Is To Get This Brand So Popular That We Can Create A Huge Fanbase off of It And Hope That You Guys Love It

Merchandise Quality

merch quality is so good it comes from companies like vans, levis, and etc.

Meet the Team

This is our wonderful company staff team or CEO teams and more.

Ryan Forbes


Jeff Smith

Support/Website Manager

Taylor Kitsch


Hunter Johnson


Merchandise Sales

Clothing Goal

Giftcards Goal

Accessories Goal

Pre-Orders Goal

This are all the goals for this month at the end of the month they will be reset by our website manager. Thanks so much to the people that helped us get there goals going.

Coming Soon

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